Do He Have A Fear Of Intimacy?

Do you not feel as close to your partner as you think you should? Don’t worry too much, you are not the first person that this has happened to. Ever since I have been involved with charlotte London escorts, I have learned that there are a lot of men who have a genuine fear of intimacy. I am not going to say that it does not happen to women, because I think it does, but I do think that more men than women have a hard time letting. I only have to check out my London escorts clients to confirm what I mean.  

How do you know if your guy has a fear of intimacy? It is not always easy to figure out. But since I have been with London escorts, I have learned that the guys who are a bit quiet and shy may have any issue with intimacy. One of the reasons they are dating London escorts in the first place, is that they found it hard to talk to regular girls. Thanks to London escorts, they can now genuinely have that true physical and close personal relationship that they have all dreamed about having with a woman.  

A guy who has a fear of intimacy, may not want to spend hours talking after the sex. The thing is that most ladies like to have a chat or small conversation after sex. We call it pillow talk. A chance to get to know the guy you have just spent time with better. But, if it is not a fear of intimacy, it could be something else. Maybe he is just one of those guys who simply does not want to talk much. Believe me, when you have worked for a London escorts agency as long as I have had, you soon get to know the lay of the land as we like to say at London escorts.  

When I first started to work for a London escorts agency I though that all of the guys would want to stay close and personal with the girls that they date. However, many guys are just looking for a ways to hook a girl. They have their fun and get on their way. It is not easy when you work for a London escorts agency. You have to kind of try to figure out when a guy thinks that you are a special escort. When a guy starts to talk to me about his dreams and desires, I am most of the time pretty sure that he does not have a fear of intimacy. That is only one way you can tell that he is genuine.  

What if he just likes to flash the cash? Like all the other girls in and around London, we often end up dating a guy who wants to flash the cash. On such occasions, it is pretty hard to work for a London escorts agency. You will find that you will end up doing the most of talking. I have to say that it is not easy for all escorts in London, especially for the girls who are new to escorting in London. But, eventually you will get the hang of it and you will start to figure out what guys are scared of intimacy and which ones are not. It makes life easier and you will get to know what a guy expects to get out of a booking.